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Click on the link below for resources and documentation regarding the SGB election and training.
SGB Elections March 2021

Media Releases

This year’s SGB elections crucial for schools’ success, says FEDSAS
27/01/2021 - FEDSAS
The election of the more than 300 000 new school governing body members in March this year is more important than ever. SGB members are elected every three years, and the Minister of Basic Education has determined that the election period will be from 1-31 March 2021.
“Leadership was the crucial factor in schools’ handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools that were successful in handling the challenges all had a strong leadership team with the school community and SGB on the one hand and education officials on the other, and all parties working together,” says Mr. Paul Colditz, CEO of FEDSAS, the Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools.
A public school does not belong to the state; the school community has to take ownership of the school. The SGB then manages this valuable resource on behalf of the school community. The school community therefore cannot sit back and wait for the education departments to take leadership. “The school’s chances of success hinge on the participation of role-players from the community.”
With current lockdown measures pertaining to social gatherings and meetings, FEDSAS members are encouraged to present a full-day election. A full-day election can also be presented online. “We are advising FEDSAS members to apply 30 days in advance to present the election. It is also important for SGBs to take note of the provincial regulations for SGBs regarding full-day elections.”
To ensure that school communities understand the election procedure as well as the role of SGBs, FEDSAS is presenting a free introduction session on 1 February 2021. The sessions will be presented online and are open to all interested parties, not only FEDSAS members. The media, education partners, leaders of faith communities, NGOs, and school leaders are encouraged to attend.
The Afrikaans session is presented on 1 February 2021 at 14:00 and the following link can be used to register:

The English session is presented on 1 February 2021 at 15:30 and the following link can be used to register:
FEDSAS has also compiled an SGB information and equipment package with the necessary documentation to ensure that the election is presented in a credible and professional manner. Use the following link to gain access to the package:
Following the SGB elections, FEDSAS will present an extensive education program for FEDSAS members as well as SGBs that are not yet members of the organization. The complete program is presented over a period of several months and consists of several training sessions, webinars, e-learning programmes and other content. “The training focuses on best practice and legal interpretations, as well as information on specific education issues and topics. Complete information on all the training opportunities is available at the following link:

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